A single pass for all transport network tickets

For several years, the Alsace – Champagne-Ardenne – Lorraine Regional Council has been working with its partners to encourage the intermodal use of public transport in Lorraine. The work of many of the Transport Organising Authorities in Lorraine has led to the introduction of the SimpliCités Card concept.



It replaces the various paper transport tickets and is fast becoming the single pass for all transport tickets in Lorraine.

The SimpliCités card can be recharged on the Internet via a series of “online shops” on partner network websites.

A shared project to encourage intermodality

For several years, the Alsace – Champagne-Ardenne – Lorraine Regional Council has been working with most of the Transport Organising Authorities to encourage intermodality* between the urban and inter-urban public transport networks.

The project has identified three areas for action (electronic ticketing, multimodal information and the physical organisation of connections between methods of transport) which are being gradually introduced into the different networks.

The SimpliCités card is the first practical result of the partner action programme: it involves the development of an electronic ticketing project that will eventually mean that all the transport networks in Lorraine will be able to share the same pass for their transport tickets.

Gradual deployment on the different networks

The SimpliCités card has been in use on the TER network since 2007. It has since been gradually deployed on a number of urban and inter-urban networks

List of networks that have already adopted the SimpliCités card:

  • rail network: TER Grand Est
  • Nancy urban and suburban transport networks: STAN, Le SIT and SUB
  • Meurthe-et-Moselle departmental network: TED
  • Moselle departmental network: TIM
  • Epinal urban network: Imagine
  • “Communauté de Communes de Pont-à-Mousson” urban network: LE BUS
  • Metz Métropole urban transport network: LE MET'
  • Longwy urban transport netowork: TGL

Other networks will be incorporated gradually over the next few years and as ticket systems are replaced. In 2015, Thionville and Forbach urban networks should be joining the scheme.

* Intermodality is the successive use of more than one means of transport during the same journey.