What is RSS?

RSS is a technology that provides access to the latest content published on websites, blogs, without having to browse those.

An RSS feed is in the form of telegrams. This is a simple text file containing the latest updates to our news feed.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed?

You will need to tell your reader software the address of the RSS feed that you selected (only once). This procedure is of course free.

Then, the application automatically queries the website to display the most current news.

The most basic method is to "copy" the address of the RSS feed and "paste" into your favorite RSS reader.

To receive our news, so just copy the URL below into your RSS reader:

Is it possible to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds?

Yes, you can save as many RSS feeds as you like in your RSS reader, which then takes care of aggregating information.

RSS readers

Feedly : http://www.feedly.com

Digg Reader : http://digg.com/reader

RSSOwl : http://www.rssowl.org/

Selfoss : http://selfoss.aditu.de/

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