The Moselle and Madon transport service organized by the Conurbation Community serves the 12 communes in the territory: Bainville-sur-Madon, Chaligny, Chavigny, Maizières, Maron, Messein, Neuves-Maisons, Pont-Saint-Vincent, Richardménil, Thélod, Viterne and Xeuilley.

The T’MM network is made up of 3 regular services which are free to all users. It operates all year round from Monday to Saturday, except public holidays. It serves main centres and business districts, and provides connections with the Sub Ouest network and trains to Greater Nancy.

A door-to-door transport service is provided for people of reduced mobility and the over-70s, which is run on the basis of prior bookings. For 1 euro per journey, T'MM + accompanies people who have difficulty in moving around in completing their daily journeys.

Website of the network | Tel. 03 83 26 45 00

Moselle and Madon Community of Communes

The Moselle and Madon Conurbation Community is both and urban and rural territory at the gateway to the Nancy conurbation. To serve its 23,000 inhabitants, it organizes urban public transport within the boundaries of its 12 communes. The transport network is free of charge and run under direct control.

Moselle and Madon Community of Communes | Tel. 03 83 26 45 00