The intercommunal public transport service (SIT) offered by the Bassin de Pompey Conurbation Community serves the 13 communes in the Bassin de Pompey: Champigneulles, Frouard, Pompey, Bouxières aux Dames, Lay Saint Christophe, Custines, Faulx, Malleloy, Millery, Montenoy, Saizerais, Marbache and Liverdun.

It is made up of 3 regular services (lines 1, 2 and 3) and a flexible-route system (Flexo lines 4, 5 and 6).
SIT connects with the SUB lines (lines 321 to 325) and Métrolor trains (Pompey, Frouard, Champigneulles, Liverdun, Marbache stations).

Website of the network | Tel. 03 83 49 23 23

Bassin de Pompey Community of Communes

Founded in 1995, the “Communauté de Communes du Bassin de Pompey” is a public inter-municipality cooperation establishment (EPCI) levying its own taxes (business tax partially paid over to the communes).

The “Communauté de Communes du Bassin de Pompey” aims to bring communes together into a mutually supportive umbrella organisation with a view to drawing up a joint project for the territory. It is now the third biggest EPCI in Meurthe-et-Moselle in terms of population.

The Bassin de Pompey is made up of thirteen communes and 42,000 inhabitants. In an area strongly affected by the restructuring of the steel industry, these communes have joined forces to encourage new companies to move to the area and to provide services for the population in accordance with the remit that they have transferred to the CCBP. The Bassin de Pompey is responsible for a combination of services, economic development and the environment.

Bassin de Pompey Community of Communes | Tel. 03 83 49 81 81