LE MET' is the commercial name of the public transport network that serves the communes in the Metz Metropolitan District, providing the best possible quality of service.

The LE MET' network serves the 44 communes in the Metz Metropolitan District. It is based on:

  • 2 METTIS services
  • 5 high passenger volume services
  • 7 CITEIS services
  • 10 shuttle services
  • 12 PROXIS services
  • 4 FLEXO evening services
  • 1 TPMR ACCELIS service

Website of the network | Tel. 0 800 00 29 38

Metz Metropolitan Council

As part of its “Land use and transport planning” remit, Metz Metropolitan Council is responsible for organizing urban public transport within the boundaries of its 44 communes. SAEML TAMM has been given the responsibility of running the entire network.

Metz Metropolitan Council | Tel. 03 87 20 10 00