The Verdunois intercommunal transport network is made up of 3 regular services, 3 transport-on-demand services, 3 school bus services and a bike hire service, thus providing users with economical and practical options for travelling around Verdun and the Verdunois.

The Tiv agency can provide users with bus timetables and useful information to help you plan your bus travel within the Verdun conurbation.

The network covers the communes of Verdun, Belleville sur Meuse and Thierville sur Meuse. The main method of transport used is the urban bus, but other methods are available, such as taxis and bikes.

Website of the network | Tel. 0 800 49 50 84

Grand Verdun Conurbation Community

The Greater Verdun Conurbation Community was set up on 1st January 2015. It is the product of a merger between the former Verdun and Charny-sur-Meuse Conurbation Communities, which were joined by the commune of Belleray.

The Greater Verdun Conurbation Community is made up of 26 communes and nearly 29,000 inhabitants.

Before the Greater Verdun Conurbation Community was created and took on responsibility for transport under the terms of the Transport Regulations, the Tiv network was run by the SMATUV, a joint association covering three communes: Verdun, Belleville-sur-Meuse and Thierville-sur-Meuse.

The creation of the Greater Verdun Conurbation Community has therefore led to a real change of scale for public transport in the region, with an Urban Transport Area increasing in size from 3 to 26 communes.

Grand Verdun Conurbation Community | Tel. 03 29 83 44 22