SMiTU has delegated the running of its urban transport services to the “Société Publique Locale Trans Fensch” as part of a 10-year agreement (1st January 2014 to 31 December 2023). SPL Trans Fensch therefore operates the SMiTU transport network, known as Citéline, which is made up of 32 regular urban services, 8 transport-on-demand services and a hundred duplicate school bus services.

SMiTU also finances 3 cross-border services to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, known as Citélux, which currently offers 3 services under this commercial name.

In 2013, Citéline covered 4,300,000 km and carried 8,000,000 passengers.

Website of the network | Tel. 03 82 59 31 05

Joint Authority for Urban Transport in Thionville Fensch

Joint Authority for Urban Transport in Thionville Fensch (SMiTU) is the organising authority for Urban Transport. This means that it decides on and manages the urban and school public transport policy for an area made up of 35 communes and nearly 184,000 inhabitants: the Thionville-Fensch conurbation. The area covers 376 km² and is on the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

SMiTU Thionville Fensch defines the overall content of the Public Transport network and the level of quality it expects in terms of services, timetables and fares. SMiTU has introduced a social fares policy which concerns job-seekers, pensioners, monthly travelcard holders and secondary school pupils. It is also responsible for organising cross-border services.

SMiTU Thionville Fensch | Tel. 03 82 57 18 19