With the Imagine urban bus network you can travel within the Epinal Conurbation, which encompasses the communes of Épinal, Golbey, Chantraine, Dinozé and Jeuxey.

  • 2,430,209 journeys on 7 regular bus services, 3 of which operate on Sundays and public holidays.
  • 118,862 journeys on the town centre shuttle service.
  • 8,706 journeys with 3 adapted vehicles on the Cap Imagine service for people with reduced mobility.
  • 2,419 journeys on the “transport on demand” service.
  • A 3.65 % increase in passenger numbers in 2016 compared to 2015.
  • 1 business agency : Espace Imagine - 1 rue des Noires Halles - 88000 Epinal.

Website of the network | Tel. 03 29 30 16 33

Épinal Conurbation Community

 Our urban transport network, named “Réseau Imagine” in 2004, celebrated its 30th birthday in late 2015. It has been run on a regulated basis since 1st January 2012 by the concession holder Keolis on behalf of the organizing authority.

The Epinal Conurbation Community confirms its determination to continue its policy of making public transport accessible to all: no price increases since 2007, introduction of an attractive pricing system and free travel for children under 11 (apart from group travel).

Épinal Conurbation Community | Tel. 03 29 37 54 60