The public transport network "Le BUS" is a public service. The Community is served by 11 regular services plus the “Grand Bleu” in summer, 41 regular school runs and transport on demand.

The “Simplicités Le BUS” card makes it easier to manage transport tickets, particularly for the 2000 travellers who take the TER train from Pont à Mousson station every day.

Four new lines now serve the 21 new communes in our Urban Transport Area. Work on the “Vélo Route Voie Verte” (Cycle Greenway) is to start in September 2016, which will improve medium or long-distance day-to-day and tourist travel.

One person travelling by bus is 9 times less pollution than by car and it helps to improve our living environment.

Website of the network | Tel. 0383 813 166

Bassin de Pont-à-Mousson Community of Communes

The Bassin de Pont à Mousson Conurbation Community lies at the heart of the central area between Metz and Nancy. It is made up of 31 communes and has approximately 40,263 inhabitants. The territory varies between valleys and steep hills and contains a mix of communes that includes one urban centre commune, out-of-town communes and rural communes.

It also contains some major communication routes: the TGV (East/west), the A31 motorway and the Regional TER rail network (North/south), the regional airport 10 kilometres away and 5 TER stations.

The territory also offers plenty of green spaces including the banks of the Moselle, the forests and the "Grand Bleu" bathing area. As you walk, you’ll come across places full of historical interest such as the “Abbaye des Prémontrés”, the “Château de Mousson et de Dieulouard” and Place Duroc, villages that have retained their traditional rural housing and a wide variety of shops and other businesses offering a very pleasant quality of life.

Bassin de Pont-à-Mousson Community of Communes | Tel. 03 83 87 87 00