Carpooling is a way of optimising car transport by pooling the vehicles used and thereby reducing the ecological footprint of this means of travel.

In practical terms, carpooling aims to put people doing all or part of the same journey alone by car in touch so that they can travel together in the same vehicle.
The system helps to reduce the number of cars on the road doing the same journey.

Carpooling journeys may be of all types: home to work, home to place of study, long-distance, leisure, etc.

Carpooling offers a wide range of advantages

Carpooling is…

More ecological:
By cutting the number of cars overcrowding the roads and polluting the atmosphere (reduced greenhouse gas emissions),

More economical:
By sharing the costs of a common journey, especially fuel,

By offering the possibility of reducing fatigue. carpooling helps to improve the traffic flow,

Friendlier and more community-spirited:
The journey is pleasanter and not so long.
It offers people without motor transport, such as the elderly and the disabled, the opportunity to travel.

Carpooling in Lorraine

There is considerable potential for carpooling in Lorraine. In 93 % of cases, drivers are alone in their car. carpooling needs to be recognised and to be further publicised in order to develop.

For our Region, the various Transport Organising Authorities see carpooling as playing a significant role alongside the public transport offers in Lorraine.
Websites are available to users to help them contact each other and encourage the use of carpooling.

These free, easy-to-use sites help drivers and passengers who are doing the same journey regularly or occasionally to contact each other in order to share the same vehicle.

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Carpooling in Lorraine

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